Kids bike Christmas servicing deal!

It’s nearly that time of year when lucky children get a new bike for Christmas!

Whether you’ve bought your child a second hand bargain that needs some TLC, or the hand-me-down bike needs some TLC ready for the younger child, I’ll make it ready to wrap and park by the tree. It’s not just about making it look good though. Once I’ve stripped it down for a thorough degreasing and rebuild I’ll know whether it needs any new parts to make it safe for the next child to ride and love. It might just need new tyres, cables or brake blocks to make it good as new.

If you’ve bought a bike brand new from a shop then they’ll take care of the set-up, it’s what they do. However if you’ve bought a new bike from an online retailer, you’ll realise where you saved your money as soon as you get it out of the box! If it’s anything like the bike I’ve just bought and assembled for my nephew, it will need major gear and brake adjustment, the chain length correcting and even some wheel truing – and that’s from a famous bike manufacturer….

Used bike service: £40
Full wash and chain degrease, full safety inspection and adjustment of all parts. I’ll let you know of any new parts needed and an estimate of price.

New bike set-up and adjust: £25
Full safety check and adjustments so that it’s ready to roll on Christmas

As usual, if you’re in or near Macclesfield I’ll pop round and pick it up from your house and drop it off again when done.

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