Servicing and repairs

Why pay a shop when I can do it cheaper?
Working from my garage, I don’t have the overheads and time constraints of a shop and that means I can do a proper job on your bike. My basic philosophy is that I spend as much time as necessary making sure my own bikes work perfectly, so that’s what I do for other peoples bikes.

If it’s a quick job I might be able to come round and fix it at your home (or wherever you and your bike are). If it’s a bigger job, then bring it round to my fully kitted out garage. If you’re fairly near to Macclesfield and you’d prefer, I can pick your bike up and drop it off afterwards for an additional £10

Standard service £50 excluding replacement parts
Whether your bike’s become a little neglected or you’ve bought one second hand that’s less than perfect, a service will make it feel like new.

For my standard service I’ll give it a proper wash and degreasing before inspecting all the parts for damage and wear, replacing where necessary. I’ll check and adjust your gears, brakes, bearings and generally make sure that everything’s working as it should be. If I find anything too drastically wrong then I’ll give you a ring before proceeding, just so that you’re not in for a shock!

You’ll get your bike back in tip-top condition and ready to ride. A happy bike means a happy rider!

Repairs and installing new parts
Sometimes parts break and sometimes they just wear out. If your bike’s not working right then get in touch before it gets worse or it causes you an accident. I’ll diagnose the fault and fit the correct replacement. I’ll also have a check to make sure the rest of the the bike’s ok whilst I’m at it.

However if you know what’s gone wrong and you’ve ordered the replacement part, or you’ve just bought new parts but need someone to fit them, then I’ll do the install for you.

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