Kids bike Christmas servicing deal!

It’s nearly that time of year when lucky children get a new bike for Christmas!

Whether you’ve bought your child a second hand bargain that needs some TLC, or the hand-me-down bike needs some TLC ready for the younger child, I’ll make it ready to wrap and park by the tree. It’s not just about making it look good though. Once I’ve stripped it down for a thorough degreasing and rebuild I’ll know whether it needs any new parts to make it safe for the next child to ride and love. It might just need new tyres, cables or brake blocks to make it good as new. (more…)

Spring’s on it’s way folks!

Well ok, it’s not quite here yet… but it is a good time to start planning your cycling year! Something I do every spring is to give my bikes some much needed TLC. Whether you’ve not ridden your bike since last summer or you’ve thrashed it through the winter grime, it will benefit from a service and probably prevent future costs. Apart from the pleasure (and safety) of having everything working properly, everyone knows that a clean and serviced bike is a faster bike, right? If you live near the cycling paradise of Macclesfield I can collect your pride and joy and give it a check over or a full service, just get in touch

Spring: it's happened before, it'll happen again!

Spring: it’s happened before, it’ll happen again. Photo from last year uploaded as evidence.